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Chinese/Japanese Friendship in Rescuing the Crested Ibis

January 29, 2007

Chinese presidenAsian Friendship Buildert Wen Jiabao is likely to announce the gift of some crested ibises to Japan, in a continuing effort between the two countries to save the endangered bird. It’s a nice gesture. Now how about if the governments of the two countries quit their duelling addictions to historical fabrication, public disinformation, militarism and nationalism, and  make more effort at saving the endangered human?


Dangerous Conspiracies

January 21, 2007

 Or innocent chitchat? Prime Minister Abe is keen on passing the law against evil conspiracies. The law would criminalize the mere discussion of crime (without any crimes actually having been committed–except, of course, the crime of speech). While differences abound, the direction of this effort is similar to the various holes being drilled into previous protections of privacy in the U.S. To perceived threats to social order, some democratic governments are quick to chisel away liberties that are the foundation of the democracies they are supposedly defending. The worst aspect of the Patriot Act/anti-Conspiracy species of laws is that the dangers–from terrorism, crime, whatever, are largely overblown. What do you think?