Japanese Word of the Day 16 Support 応援

Information presented in kanji, hiragana, romaji, and English. Usage examples were found on the Internet and other sources. Translations are mine and might not be perfect; if you find any errors, please let me know.

今日の単語 / きょう の たんご / kyou no tango / today’s new word:



ouen (“ou” pronounced like the “o” in “stone”, but twice as long)

support, aid, boost, cheer (verb form with する)

 例 /れい /rei  /example:


きょう ごうかく はっぴょう でした。。。けっか は。。。ごうかく してました。 おうえん して-くれた みんな ありがとう!!

kyou goukaku happyou deshita…kekka wa…goukaku deshita. ouen shite-kureta minna arigatou!!

Today the (people who) success (succeeded) was displayed…the results….(I) succeeded. Thank you to everyone who supported (me)!!


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