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Japanese Word of the Day 8 “Increase” 増やす

February 21, 2007

Information presented in kanji, hiragana, romaji, and English. Usage examples were found on the Internet and other sources. Translations are usually mine and might not be perfect; if you find any errors, please let me know.

今日の単語 / きょう の たんご / kyou no tango / today’s new word:




increase, expand

例 / れい / rei / example:


みどり を まもり、 ふやして いく ため に けんみん が すべき こと。

midori wo mamori, fuyashite-iku tame ni kenmin ga subeki koto

Things prefectural citizens need to do in order to protect and increase greenery.


Japanese Word of the Day 1 “Extend”

February 14, 2007


にがつ じゅうご の にほんご の あたらしい たんご: 

ni gatsu juu go no nihongo no atarashii tango:

New Japanese word for February 15:

増築 (ぞうちく、zouchiku): extension or augmentation, usually in reference to refurbishing a building.


こどもべや、 おじいちゃん、 おばあちゃん の はなれ など の ぞうちく の ようぼう が おおい です ね。

kodomobeya, ojiichan, obaachan no hanare nado no zouchiku no youbou ga ooi desu ne.

You really want to extend (your house) with things like a children’s room and a detached room for your grandpa and grandma, don’t you?