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Japanese Words Weekly Quiz 3

March 19, 2007

Quiz on words 14-21 

Part I  

1. 応援

a. support     b. vote     c. heat     d. follow     e. eternity

2. 永遠

a. support     b. vote     c. heat     d. follow     e. eternity

3. 投票

a. support     b. vote     c. heat     d. follow     e. eternity

4. 辞める

a. to begin     b. to make vague  c. to make more detailed   

d. quit (smoking)  e. quit (a job)

5. 水泳

a. soul    b. swimming    c. boating    d. faucet

6. 魂

a. devil    b. soul    c. fable    d. old woman

7. 建築

a. addition (to a house)  b. architecture  c. building   d. design

8. 視線

a. scenery   b. line of sight    c. eyelid    d. visiting entrance

Part II

1. 応援    a. けんちく

2. 建築    b. やめる

3. 魂      c. おうえん

4.投票     d. たましい

5. 辞める   e. しせん

6. 水泳     f. すいえい    

7. 視線     g. とうひょう

8. 永遠       h. えいえん

Answers. Part I: 1. Support 2. Eternity 3. Vote  4. Quit (a job) 5. Swimming 6. Soul   7. Architecture  8. Line of sight  Part II: 1. c  2. a  3. d  4. g  5. b  6. f  7. e  8. h 


Japanese Word of the Day 15 Architecture 建築

March 5, 2007

Information presented in kanji, hiragana, romaji, and English. Usage examples were found on the Internet and other sources. Translations are mine and might not be perfect; if you find any errors, please let me know.

今日の単語 / きょう の たんご / kyou no tango / today’s new word:




architecture  (建築する: to build, construct)

例 / れい / rei  / example: (notice the feminine use of ね。。。 and わ) 

(From a blog where a prospective student is struggling with the idea of studying architecture because it would be so difficult).


だいがく に いきた-くて ね, けんちく-けい の だいがく に いきたい ね。。。けんちく-って た の がっか だったら、こっこうりつ わ。。。かなり きびしい の さ。。。

daigaku ni ikita-kute ne, kenchiku-kei no daigaku ni ikitai ne…kenchiku-tte ta no gakka dattara, kokkouritsu wa…kanari kibishii no sa….

I want to go to a university, you know? I really want to go to a university connected with architecture…but if it’s architecture…I mean, if it’s a different university department at a national university….that’s going to be so strict…